Tempe City Council candidate Justin Stewart is dedicated to ensuring the best quality of life for his Tempe neighbors.

This year he received the Chuck Malpede Neighbor of the Year Award as a recognition of his continuous work with the neighborhoods on many different issues. He also continues to serve as the Chair of the Mitchell Park Neighborhood Association, which he has been a part of for the past five years, as either the Chair or Co-Chair. In this position he has been a strong neighborhood advocate and has brought capital improvements to Mitchell Park, neighborhood art projects, and has helped organize and participated in a variety of neighborhood gatherings.

Justin has worked very hard with city staff on a variety of issues including: homeless initiatives in regards to their safety and well-being, how to make residential zoning laws work for the neighborhood and neighbors, and a continuing expansion of various arts programs within Tempe. Justin will continue to work with bringing a variety of housing to all parts of Tempe, especially with an emphasis on affordable housing. As a Tempe City Councilmember he would look to further his work with finding short- and long-term solutions with our homeless residents. 

Justin has truly found a home in Tempe, and has fallen in love with his neighborhood and neighbors. He has learned that many of us in different neighborhoods of Tempe are fighting the same fight and have the same overarching concerns. This is why he is running for Tempe City Council today. To bring a voice to the neighborhoods. Justin is for the neighbors, by the neighbors.