• Justin stands for strategic development that maintains the boundaries and rules set forth by the voter decided 2040 Master Plan. Justin also has been active with working with city staff with the Character Area plan, which he believes should be followed to help preserve and protect characteristics of the different parts of Tempe as decided by input from the neighbors. Tempe must look to protect, preserve, and rehabilitate the neighborhoods of Tempe. 

• Justin is looking to help out neighbors by examining infrastructure schedules and pay rates, and looks forward to bringing improved neighborhood roads and public transit systems that benefit the neighborhoods. Justin also a champion for capital improvement projects within the City of Tempe. The Tempe park system is one of the jewels of the city, and continual improvements and upgrades to the park system will only improve the quality of life within the neighborhoods, and continue to serve as a green open space to meet fellow neighbors.

• Justin will work to see an expansion of arts-based grants for neighborhoods, such as the highly successful Maryanne Corder Neighborhood Grant Program, and the new City of Tempe Arts in the Park grant. 

• Justin would like to shift Tempe’s use of the Government Property Lease Excise Tax ("GPLET"), which uses reduced tax incentives, to create benefits to current Tempe residents through true community development instead of offering tax breaks to large scale out-of-state developers.

• Justin would like to create incentives for local Tempe residential property investors to preserve the character of our historic neighborhoods through purchase and rehabilitation of properties that would otherwise be demolished.